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CCDF-USA County Affiliates are the local action arms of our organization and represent the heart of our patriotic mission. County Affiliates are comprised of local citizens who follow the established CCDF-USA model for resolving breaches of freedom and liberty found specifically in their own counties.

Future Counties Future Counties
Active Counties Active Counties
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What it means to become a CCDF-USA County Affiliate

All CCDF-USA County Affiliates will follow the same structured organizational model which is anchored by six core divisions. These divisions are carefully structured and crafted to keep watch over their respective county, and shine light on any breaches of Constitutional freedoms found at the local level. 

Action Divisions

  • Education
  • Election Integrity
  • Finance Accountability

Support Divisions

  • Information Services
  • Media
  • Faith
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Are you or someone you know ready to ignite change and bring CCDF-USA to one of our future county affiliate locations shown on the map above? If you are ready to get started, click below to send us a message.

local light. local action.